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Choosing the right van for your campervan conversion

We love to convert vans into campervans, so we leave it up to you to buy the van of your choice and we will fit it out for you.

Keep in mind there are some really important things to take into consideration when you are about to buy a van, because you don’t want to spend the money on a conversion, only to have the van let you down.

Interior space & travel lengths

If someone is really tall, and you plan on going for a really long trip, the comfort of a larger van would be ideal. If it’s just for short trips (with shorter people) the smaller vans would be perfect. Think about the size of a bed that can fit in these vans – which one has just the right amount of space for a comfy bed for you?

Van height & overall condition

Some places you will want to visit will have a height limit to the vehicles entering, so it is much easier getting a smaller van into shopping centres and parking garages.

Consider the make/model and kilometres of the van you are considering purchasing. It is recommended that you have a car safety check done on the vehicle, and also research the issues that can go wrong with that make and model.

Customer reviews

Look up consumer reviews for the van you are going to use for your conversion and check to see if it has the right wear and tear for its age and kilometre reading. 

Some car review websites that we can recommend to help you decide on the van you want are: carsguide.com.au, caradvice.com.au and productreview.com.au

The four campers that we find the most appropriate for conversions are:

We are happy to convert a van of your choice

Our campervan conversion process

We do not change the outer structure of the vehicle in a standard conversion, so if you would like a pop top added to the Toyota Hiace (The Ducato, Ford and Sprinter do not need a pop top) that is an added extra, see “Optional extras” below.

If you would like to add a pop top to a vehicle other than a Toyota Hiace, please contact us so we can let you know if a pop top is available and current pricing.

Standard Package for conversions include:

  • Microwave
  • Electrics *
  • Hot water system
  • 2 Way Fridge
  • Insulation
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Cabinetry
  • Foam Bed/sofa
  • Fully lined ceiling
  • Stainless steel sink and taps
  • Fresh water & grey water tanks
  • 12V Pump for fresh water
  • Gas system
  • Smoke detector
  • Gas Certificate
  • Stove burner
  • Curtains
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Internal shower and toilet **

* Electrics include LED downlights, 100AH battery, power points
**  Internal shower and toilet included in the larger Vans only. There is no room in vans the size of the Toyota Hiace for these

Optional extras:

  • Pop top *
  • Water level indicators
  • 3 Way gas fridge
  • Leather cushions
  • Roll out awnings
  • External shower
  • Bike rack
  • Gas Heaters
  • Solar panels
  • Swivel seats
  • Music sound system
  • Additional auxillary battery
  • Canvas rear door tent
  • Side mounted picnic table
  • Roof racks

* Pop top comes on Toyota Hiace only. Prices vary at time of order but approximate cost is $7000.

Some vehicle options may delay order approximately 4-5 weeks, and due to COVID there can be delays with products arriving into Australia, or production stopping due to lock-downs. Pricing is subject to variation; we will try to keep you as informed as possible of price changes, however sometimes prices change last minute by suppliers. Some campervan options attract additional charges if installed after conversion. Photographs are provided as a guide only. Models, fit-outs & availability vary over time. For current availability please contact Mid North Coast Campers directly.

Vans suitable for conversions

We enjoy fitting out many different vans, so feel free to bring in the van of your choice for conversion! We do have four particular vans that are ideal for conversions that we commonly recommend. These are: the Toyota hiace, for a budget, easy to drive, fuel economic option. The Renault Master, Fiat Ducato and the Mercedes sprinter are much larger vans but also much more spacious and easier to live in. There is a fifth van, The Ford Transit, which gets an honourable mention because it is has some popularity with the Campervan community due to its affordability and size.

LOWER roof van

Toyota Hiace

Lower roof vans such as the Toyota Hiace are fantastic for parking, storing in garages and they have superb fuel economy. They are ideal for people who are ok with the idea of outdoor toilets, showers and smaller internal room.

Other vans you may want to convert are:
Mercedes Vito, VW Transporter LWB, Standard Toyota Hiace without the Super Long Wheel Base (SLWB,) Toyota Hiace Long Wheel Base (LWB)

Higher roof vans

Renault Master, Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter & Ford Transit

The Renault Master, Fiat Ducato, Mercedes Sprinter & Ford Transit are higher roof vans which gives you more space and comfort than the Toyota Hiace. These vans are ideal for long trips and for those people who like extra comfort.

However the size of the Renault, Fiat, Mercedes & Ford may be an issue with parking and entering certain buildings and garages etc. 

Renault Master

The Renault Master comes in a short-wheelbase with low roof (L1H1), a mid-wheelbase with mid roof (L2H2), a long-wheelbase with mid roof (L3H2), or an extra-long wheelbase with high roof (L4H3). The high roof (L4H3) allows a high level bed with a lot of head room above the bed. This makes it an ideal option to use for the super storage option AKA "rear garage" for people who like to carry their bikes, for example, in the back of the van under the bed. However this option may make it difficult to go through drive throughs and many car parks, so keep that in mind if that bothers you. 

The Renault Master 2020 won Large Commercial Vehicle of the year award in the UK and is known for its fuel economy and value for money.

Fiat Ducato

Is a great all-rounder in both value and space. It has an internal height of 1.6m and it has one of the most powerful engines on the market. It is slightly wider than the Ford so that also gives it fantastic internal room dimensions. There are a range of wheel base lengths that you will have to research to find the one that has the length of your choice.

Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes is an all-round terrific quality vehicle, it has high head room (approx. 2.26m) and comes with different wheelbase lengths. When looking at the wheel base lengths, you can get one that fits better in a parking space or you can choose one that will give you a bit more room inside but may be harder to find parking. The Long wheel base (LWB) Mercedes is approx. 6.9m long, the Medium wheel base (MWB) is approx. 5.9m in length.

Therefore, it depends on what your preferences and needs are when making your decision between those two options.

As great as the Sprinter is, you may need to consider the fact that parts are a little harder to come by compared to the Ford, and sometimes they need to be ordered from Germany. The Mercedes brand has got a good reputation for quality, so once again, it depends on what your preferences are in a van that will help make your decision.

Another great


The biggest advantage of the Ford transit over the sprinter is the lower cost of maintenance and the fact that you can have it serviced almost anywhere. The 2020 Ford Transit camper is the first to have AWD capabilities, the 2019 and earlier versions only have 2WD. Therefore, earlier models can limit you from being able to experience Campervanning in more harsh weather conditions and off grid adventures. The Ford Transit does have towing capacity, but not as much as similar vans in its class, so if your campervan adventure involves frequent heavy towing then this may not be the best van for you. Ford transits are also slightly less fuel efficient compared to the Sprinters

Ford Transit

The roof height of the Ford Transit is approximately 2m, so it will give you plenty of head room and it will be very comfortable to walk around inside the van. The ford transit is also wider than the Sprinter which allows you to put the bed sideways rather than lengthways if you prefer.

This would give you more space for things such as storage, bathroom and kitchen room. Another significant factor is that Fords are also easy to service and get parts for.

Keep these points in mind for any other van (other than the five we recommend) that you are thinking of purchasing for conversion – are the parts easy to get and are the vans easy to service?

Other higher top vans that you may want to convert are: The Iveco Daily, VW Crafter and the Renault Trafic.

Choosing a campervan layout

Remember some important key points when considering your campervan layout: Showers and toilets are usually located closer to the kitchen rather than the bedroom area, which simplifies the plumbing and keeps costs down. If you want the bathroom next to the bed, which will require extra plumbing, you need to think about the smell, including from toilet cleaning chemicals.

Consider these points:

Do you need large storage spaces because of things like Bikes or a lot of larger items such as diving gear etc? If that is so, then bigger compartments in the Conversions are going to suit you better. 

Do you want or need a shower and toilet? Some people are happy with showering outdoors using portable showers/solar showers or in-built external showers that are fantastic options. If you choose an external shower then you will have much more room in your conversion for other things, however many people like the privacy and convenience of an indoor shower even with the option of an external shower curtain/back door tent or pop up shower screen. 

Portable loo’s are also a great option, or if you know where the public toilets are along your journey then you may not want or need one in your van. Taking the toilet and shower out of a van will also reduce the cost of the conversion, because there is less plumbing etc, so that’s something to think about too.

How many people are going to be in your conversion? Are you a family, a couple or is it just you? This will directly influence the amount of space that needs to be taken up for beds in the van.

The Room to Move Layout

This layout allows the bed to be converted into a bench with a table. It is one of the most versatile layouts and you can choose between a layout that has two side benches for easier access out the back door of the campervan shown in the picture, or a U shaped bench which gives you more storage, where the exit to the back part of the van is taken up for more storage. This is a great layout if you need a place to really sit down and study or reading or to hang out with other people more comfortably.

For smaller vans this layout may suit;

For larger vans this layout may suit;

The Storage Friendly Layout

If you would like a safe place to store your bikes or sporting gear inside the van, then a layout that can incorporate this would be the best way to go. You’ll need to look at a fixed bed that sits up as high as you need it to be, depending on the size of your gear, with a lot of storage space underneath the bed. You can also look at a swing out stove which will create more room, so you can either cook indoors or outdoors.

Storage Friendly Layout Example

Just you and your van Layout

If it’s just you and you are thinking of the Toyota Hiace or a similar sized van, then this is the layout to choose! You can have a lot more room to include a table and bench, and this layout allows you to have a bathroom and/or closet.

Example 1

Example 2

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